What is Yotta Services?

Yotta Services provide technological edge to our customers with online services to accomplish the tasks of the day in real-time. Yotta Services premier clients are K-12 school districts and Public governments. Real time e-Inspections and e-work orders with Media as its backbone supporting pictures, audio and video is the work culture today. Yotta Services get your work done faster, smarter, efficient, effective, accountable and so on….

Our Products

Yotta Inspection Capabilities
Yotta Inspections, Inspection Services

Yotta Inspection brings several benefits to every organization.
- Eliminates paper based inspections with e-Inspection.
- Create e-inspection model to keep track of inspections.
- Carry out inspection off line or on-line.
- Access inspections from anytime anywhere from your mobile phone too.

- Yotta Inspection
- Yotta inspection is simple to use. Inspections are
- Yotta Inspection Benefits
- Yotta Inspection reports / Analysis

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Yotta Maintenance / Work Order Work Order Process
yotta work orders, mobile work orders

e-Work Orders can be created, approved, assigned with Yotta Work Order, online and in real-time. Pictures, Audio and Video can be added to work orders in real time from mobile or tablet and also can be viewed by all working with work order system.

- Create work order at real-time [ Add notes, pictures, audio and video ]
- Assign on-line [ The administrator has access to all media ]
- Approve on-line [ The approvers have access to all the media ]
- Complete/Close on-line [ Track time and Items used ]

work orders

Features of Yotta Services

Create inspection model

Quickly create your own inspection
model of any inspection type with just a few clicks.

Vital options

At one place you can capture photos,
comments, audio and video recordings.

Easy data transmission

Perform paperless inspection
in mobile and transmit data on the go with a click.

Calendar view

At a glance,
see inspection details in a calendar view.


At one place, see complete
current quarter inspection summary details.

Multi-platform support

Yotta inspection supports
Android, IOS and Mobile web platforms.

Benefits of using Yotta Services

Cost effective solution

Yotta Services save time and do more Inspections/Work Orders
per day

Offline Support

You can do Inspection/Work Order offline and transmit data
when connected .

Easy-to- use

Yotta Services is designed to make the process simple to learn
and easy to use.

Integration with third party systems

Yotta Services supports integration with third party systems