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Yotta Services
& What we do for you

Yotta Services is a fully customizable inspection, work order and management software with integrated media capability. This software allows you to create and customize your own report forms aligned with industry standards and run detailed reports, giving you the ability to fine tune the smallest details you need.

With features highlighting minute details to overall picture and progress, it is a great opportunity to increase accountability and cut costs by eliminating paper inspections and reports. With instant reports, email detailed reports straight from your mobile loaded with pictures, videos and audio. With constant innovation, Yotta Services has a robust and tailored solution for each and every client.


Yotta Inspection allows clients to create multiple inspection models customized to their needs in order to inspect and generate reports. The system gives you complete control of the access permissions to any of the inspection model. Yotta notifications compliment the work flow by its notification system. Yotta inspection can be used by any business that needs to keep track of the information, audit, compliance and more.

Inspection Highlights

Create customized inspection forms

Perform inspections with media

Send alerts and notifications

Generate reports at any time in different formats

Supports multi-level approvals and e-signature

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Yotta Work order system is the most innovative way to increase the efficiency, time management, cost effectiveness, accountability and quality. Manage and assign work orders to the staff more efficiently. The dynamic nature of the work order management keeps every one informed, saving time by eliminating unnecessary and redundant communication. Notifications keep everyone in the loop and attached comments and media give everyone involved a clear understanding of the issue and solution.

Work order Highlights

Create customized Work order templates

Create Work order with media (pictures/video/audio)

Assign/Re-assign Work orders                        

Record Work order effort

Send alerts and notifications

Generate Reports at any time in different formats

Supports multi-level approvals and e-signature

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Features of Yotta Services

Create inspection model

Quickly create your own inspection model of any inspection type with just a few clicks.

Vital options

At one place you can capture photos, comments, audio and video recordings.

Easy data transmission

Perform paperless inspection in mobile and transmit data on the go with a click.

Calendar view

At a glance,see inspection details in a calendar view.


At one place, see complete current quarter inspection summary details.

Multi-platform support

Yotta inspection supports Android, IOS and Mobile web platforms.


Streamline your processes,reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Group emailing

It’s easy now to send emails to groups from mobile.

Alerts and Notifications

Simple and easiest way to send reminders.



  • Cost effective solution

    Save time and money by cutting out redundant processes and making it simple to enter and share important data quickly.

  • Bring in accountability

    Ensure the job gets done the way you need it to be. View performance and detailed reports anytime, anywhere.

  • Offline support

    Keep the work going even in offline mode, with automatic data transmission once you are connected again.

  • Easy setup and integration

    Set up is quick and simple. Integrate Yotta Services seamlessly and you'll be up and running in no time.

  • No additional hardware

    With multi-platform support, use the application with your existing technology. Save money by avoiding bulky devices, carry your phone or tablet and, that's it!

  • Custom development

    Work with us to develop new and relevant features for specific scenarios based on customer applicability and resources.

  • Third party integrations

    Yotta Services supports integration with third party systems that you need.

  • Retain and attract clients

    Keep your clients happy with the information they expect at their fingertips. Showcase your product's innovative features and enhance your business.

  • Go paperless

    Messy, uninformative, illegible reports are a thing of the past. Keep your reports detailed and crystal clear with custom models and the option to view, share and approve right from your device.

  • Try it free

    Get a personalized demo, choose a customized solution that works best for you, and start your free trial!

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